16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Inspection and Testing
  8.1 - Introduction 8.5 - Insulation tests
  8.2 - Inspection 8.6 - Earth testing
  8.3 - Testing sequence 8.7 - Test instrument requirements
8.4 - Continuity tests 8.8 - Supporting paperwork

8.2.1 - Notices and other identification

The installation tester, as well as the user, must have no difficulty in identifying circuits, fuses, circuit breakers, etc. Re must make sure that the installation is properly equipped with labels and notices, which should include:

I. - Labels for all fuses and circuit breakers to indicate their ratings and the circuits protected

2. - Indication of the purpose of main switches and isolators

3. - A diagram or chart at the mains position showing the number of points and the size and type
---- of cables for each circuit, the method of providing protection from direct contact and details of
---- any circuit in which there is equipment such as passive infra-red detectors or electronic
fluorescent starters vulnerable to the high voltage used for insulation testing.

4. - Warning of the presence of voltages exceeding 250 V on an equipment or enclosure where       such a voltage would not normally be expected.

5. - Warning that voltage exceeding 250 V is present between separate pieces of equipment          which are within arm's reach

6. - A notice situated at the main intake position to draw attention to the need for periodic testing       (see {Table 8.12})

7. - A warning of the danger of disconnecting earth wires at the point of connection of:

      a). - the earthing conductor to the earth electrode

      b). - the main earth terminal, where separate from main switchgear

      c). - bonding conductors to extraneous conductive parts The notice should read

Safety electrical connection - do not remove

8. - A notice to indicate the need for periodic testing of an RCD as indicated in {5.9.2}

9. - A notice for caravans so as to draw attention to the connection and disconnection procedure       as indicated in {Table 7.5}

10. - Warning of the need for operation of two isolation devices to make a piece of equipment
-------safe to work on where this applies

11. - A schedule at each distribution board listing the items to be disconnected (such as         semiconductors) so that they will not be damaged by testing.

12. - A drawing which shows clearly the exact position of all runs of buried cables.


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by John Whitfield

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