4 Pair Telephone Copper Conductor Cable CW1308 - Black5028422198186CW1308 X 4 PR BLK PVC 100

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Nominal O.D - 4.8mm
4 pair CW1308 Telephone Cable
Telephone Cables - Domestic and Office Extensions

For use in wiring telephones and other low voltage, low current applications

Solid Copper Conductors - CW1308
  • Conforms to British Telecom specification CW138
  • .5mm solid tinned annealed copper conductors
  • 1/0.435(+/-0.01)mm Bare copper
  • Minimum sheath thickness 0.60mm
  • Maximum Overall Diameter 5.8mm Black
  • Colour of insulation: ring markings
    a-wire: WHITE-Blue, WHITE-Orange, WHITE-Green, WHITE-Brown,
    b-wire: BLUE-White, ORANGE-White, GREEN-White, BROWN-White
  • A pair of insulated conductors uniformly twisted together and designated the a-wire, b-wire.
  • Lay length for pairs in the completed cable shall not exceed 100mm
  • Rip-cord be laid under the sheath, dyes shall be colour fast


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CA CW1308/8B

4 Pair Telephone Copper Conductor Cable CW1308 - Black New