Mains 161 Ionisation Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery - Discontinued

Please try Smoke Alarms Mains + Lithium Back Up for alternative products.

Mains 161 Ionisation Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery5099383004243Ei161RC

Lithium Battery Back Up
Ei161 Ionisation with Hush & Mounting Plate
Advanced suppression and calibration technology
for reduced nuisance alarms and correct smoke sensitivity

Responds quickly to fast flaming fires
Unique and proven long life ionisation smoke chamber
  • Environmentally friendly - no special disposal requirements
  • A precision charging circuit ensures peak efficiency at all times
  • 6 month back-up even without mains power
  • Cells supplied fully charged providing 6 months initial standby capacity before mains powering
  • 10 year+ lithium cell back-up supply
  • Cells are soldered for reliable long term connection
  • Terminals are laser welded for reliability
  • Wide temperature range -20ºC to +60 ºC
  • No battery replacement requirement
  • Hush button for false alarm control on all models - optical, ionisation and heat
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs
  • Precision charging circuit
  • Low cell power warning
  • RadioLINK & Modifire system compatible
  • Easi-fit fixing system - reduces installation time and effort
  • Large, easily identifiable wiring connections
  • Multiple cable entries
  • Mini trunking removable access door
  • 5 amp relay mounting kit available
  • Automatic circuit test every 40 seconds
  • Multi-purpose fixings - for use on plasterboard, concrete or wood surfaces
  • Comprehensive 5 year guarantee


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EI 161RC

Mains 161 Ionisation Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery


EA 3+




EA 3+