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Max flow rate - 8000L
Max flow rate at 1m - 6800L
Max flow rate at 2m - 4900L

Max head: 4m

Hose Outlet
25mm - 40mm (1" - 1 1/2")

Wattage: 100 watts
Hozelock Aquaforce 8000
Suitable for larger ponds, up to 16,000 litres,
the Aquaforce 8000 is a variable flow solids handling filter and waterfall pump

The Aquaforce 8000 includes a variable flow adjuster, which controls the flow into the filter or the power of the waterfall, and can be used amphibiously.

The second inlet allows a skimmer to be used to draw water from the pond surface, while the wildlife protection system prevents small fish, frogs and newts from being drawn into the pump.
  • Conical impeller - maximises performance
  • Self Cooling System - gives continuously perfect conditions
  • Ceramic Bearings - maximise pump life
  • Large cage surface area – reduces cage clogging & improves water purity
  • Wildlife Protection System - protects small fish, newts, frogs, etc from accessing the pump
  • Carry handle - easy lifting in and out of the pond


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HZ 1584

Hozelock Aquaforce 8000 Filter Pond Pump