Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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3. Approvals


Any equipment that is connected to the telephone network must have passed approval for use on that network. At its mostbasic level this is simply safety testing; functional testing no longer being part of the approval process.

Following the passing of approval testing the equipment will be given an approvals number and can display the Green Circle symbol to indicate that is has been approved. Equipment, which has not been approved, must display the Red Triangle to show it should not be connected to the network.

Network connection includes indirect connection via a PBX or CRA therefore equipment connected to these systems must also be approved either as part of the system or in its own right.

The approvals process will ensure that the equipment is safe to be connected to the network and when in use will not interfere with the network, other equipment and will not harm the users.

Whilst it is possible to purchase non-approved equipment in the UK it cannot legally be connected to any part of the network. There are penalties defined for contravention of the approvals process. For telecommunications equipment which transmits radio signals (cordless and pagers etc.) the penalties can be more serious since their transmissions have been known to interfere with aircraft and emergency services.

Manufacturers are not permitted to service equipment that is unapproved for use in their country of operation even though they may be selling it in another country under valid foreign approval through an overseas office. Indeed regional differences, especially in communications, may mean that they do not possess the correct facilities to even check the foreign product lines or have sufficient technical information.

Approval in the UK does not signify that the equipment may be usable in other countries. Approvals for the UK are specific to the UK marketplace. Equipment taken overseas will require approval to the destination country’s standards before it can be connected, in the same way as imported equipment must be approved before use in the UK.

The elements of the approval of any equipment are essentially the same, however different equipment types may require compliance with specific additional requirements relating to its operation and functions.



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