Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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10. The Telephone System


10. - The Telephone System


10. - The Telephone System

A telephone system is an integral part of business today. All but the smallest businesses have their own private system. Even some homes now have them. These systems are simply smaller, private, exchanges, which allow the subscriber lines to be shared between the connected telephones called extensions.

10.1 - Why Have A Private System

The private telephone system allows the owner more control over the extensions connected, provides more features and functionality than the subscriber lines alone and allows a large number of users access to the telephone without having to provide a line for each. The first systems were installed in the early part of this century and have been popular ever since with business users and large houses.

10.2 - What Is A Telephone System

A telephone system is much the same as the network exchange to which it is connected. The exchanges allow the relatively large number of subscribers to have access to the comparatively small number of lines. Since they do not usually all make their calls at the same time they each perceive that they have their own private line apparently always available. This is the basic concept behind the systems installed by the private individuals or companies using the network .
They are variously known as Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABX), Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) or Call Routing Apparatus (CRA) and all these terms are interchangeable in today's marketplace.

Besides allowing the sharing of lines by the extensions they offer increasingly sophisticated additional functions which the network cannot. Even the most basic systems offer call hold, transfer and inter-extension calling besides just making and receiving calls. Larger and more complex systems provide wider ranges of functions from call forwarding, music on hold and short code dialling of centrally stored telephone numbers to automatic route selection, multi-site operation and selective call barring options.

The features will depend upon the manufacturers response to market demands and are too numerous and fast changing to be described in detail here.



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