Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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  1.1 - Why This Book Has Been Produced
  1.2 - Who Should Read This Book?
  1.3 - What This Book Contains

1.1 - Why This Book Has Been Produced

This book has been produced to provide a quick and painless introduction to line telecommunications for all people who are moving into this expanding and fast developing arena.

It will also serve as a reference to those more experienced persons who need to acquire an understanding of the new developments.

1.2 - Who Should Read This Book?

This book is for anyone who:

Is new to telecommunications and needs a springboard into the technology
All sales staff dealing with telecommunications equipment
All engineering staff dealing with telecommunications equipment
Managers of staff who are dealing with telecommunications equipment
Communications Managers who are considering changes to their current equipment
Telecommunications Dealers and Distributors and their staff
Installers and Maintainers and their staff
Telecommunications Technophiles

1.3 - What This Book Contains

This book contains the background information to the most common types of devices found in the wired telecommunications marketplace today. References are made to the mobile networks , however detailed descriptions are not included.

This area will naturally require the explanation of technical aspects of the services and equipment involved. These explanations will be explained in simplified terms whenever possible to readers of all backgrounds to grasp the concepts.

It is not a definitive text on all aspects of this huge subject but as the title states is an introduction to deliver the level of information required to start the uninitiated on their way into the telecommunications market. Particular topics of interest may require further reading to develop a complete understanding.



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Introduction To Line Telecommunications
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