Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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18. Protocol Buster


This section lists the protocols and standards which may be encountered and gives each a brief description of each. This is not an exhaustive list.







These standards and recommendations are issued by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T), formerly the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT), which is a specialist agency of the United Nations.

There are four series of protocol and standard references that are commonly encountered in the area of communications covered by this document. These are

I Series Standards referring to ISDN and related topics
Q Series Standards relevant to European ISDN networks
V Series Recommendations covering data transmission over telephone lines
X Series Recommendations covering the interfacing of data transmission and terminal devices

The following list is for reference.

I Series
Number Areas Covered
I.120 Integrated Services Digital Networks
I.121 ISDN broadband
I.150 B-ISDN asynchronous transfer functions
I.310 ISDN functional principles
I.311 B-ISDN general aspects
I.320 ISDN protocol reference model
I.321 B-ISDN protocol reference model and application
I.324 ISDN architecture
I.325 ISDN connection reference configurations
I.327 B-ISDN architecture
I.361 B-ISDN ATM layer specification
I.362 B-ISDN adaptation layer functional description
I.363 B-ISDN adaptation layer 0-5 specification
I.364 B-ISDN broadband connectionless data service
I.365 Frame relaying service specific sub layer
I.413 B-ISDN user interface
I.420 Basic rate ISDN user interface
I.421 Primary rate ISDN user interface
I.430 Layer 1 - Basic rate interface specification
I.431 Layer 1 - Primary rate interface specification
I.432 Physical layer - B-ISDN user network interface
I.441 Data link layer - ISDN user interface
I.461 Support of data terminal equipment by ISDN
I.462 Support of packet mode terminal equipment by ISDN
I.463 Support of V series terminal equipment by ISDN
I.501 Service interworking
I.510 Definitions and principles for ISDN interworking
I.511 ISDN layer 1 internetwork interface
I.520 ISDN internetworking - general arrangements
I.525 ISDN to sub 64Kbps internetworking
I.530 ISDN to PSTN internetworking
I.555 Frame relay convergence sub layer
I.570 Public to private ISDN internetworking
I.580 B-ISDN and ISDN internetworking



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