Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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17. Fault Finding And Troubleshooting


17. - Fault Finding And Troubleshooting


17.1 - Verification Of The Fault


17.2 - Guidelines To Resolving A Fault

17.3 - Reporting A Fault To The Manufacturer

17.4 - Little Green Men And Other Gremlins

17.4 - Little Green Men And Other Gremlins

The locating and resolution of faults can often seem a hopeless task. However once the fault is proven there must be a cause and the process is one of elimination. However there are two additional caveats which should be remembered.

17.4.1 - Be Aware Of The Obvious

Many an investigation has proceeded to an impasse and hence frustrations through the investigator missing out some obvious check or test or assuming that someone else has done it.

Always be aware that there may be an obvious solution, which has been overlooked. This may be as simple as a blown fuse on a card or unchecked component never known to have failed before!

Nothing can be discarded from the investigation until it has been proven to be unrelated.

Remember double-checking will do no harm.

17.4.2 - No Information Is Irrelevant

When searching for the cause of a fault the greatest source of information you will have are the users of the system. Use them. Ask questions. Listen to their descriptions and check them. What sounds like a mistaken term or phrase may lead to new avenues of investigation which would not have occurred otherwise.

Above all do not disregard anything until it has been properly eliminated from the search.



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