Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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15. Pre-Connection Inspection (PCI)


15.1 - Why Have A PCI


15.2 - What Should Be Checked During A PCI



The Pre-Connection Inspection (PCI) was a requirement by British Telecommunications before the system was connected to their network.

With the large numbers of alternative networks today the operator does not always require the PCI. However it is good practice to conduct your own PCI prior to going live with a system to catch any obvious mistakes and correct them.

15.1 - Why Have A PCI

Whenever a system is to be connected or reconnected to the network it should undergo a PCI to ensure that the equipment is approved and has been installed in the correct manner.

In most cases this means that the installation conforms to BS6506 or BS6701 Pt1, and will include earthing, separation of telecommunications wiring from other wiring, compliance with any system specific requirement laid down in the Private EXchange Master List (PXML) if the system is covered by one. (see

15.2 - What Should Be Checked During A PCI

15.2.1 - Documentation

In addition to the installation work itself the documents which will aid future work on the system should be checked and kept in order. Make the customer aware of their location and that they be kept safe; preferably with the system itself. - Manuals

The customer should be provided with Operating Instructions and User Guides with the system. In some cases the PXML will specify additional manuals to be provided. - Site Records

The site records will contain the notes and reports used by the engineers during the installation process. These will describe the installation in sufficient detail for future engineers to work on or maintain the system leaving a copy of these with the site is good practice and will make any additional future work much simpler. - The Private Exchange Master List (PXML)

The PXML used to be an essential document for the PCI. This requirement was relaxed in 1996, when it became optional for a PXML to be supplied with and for telephone systems. Today the PXML should be included in the PCI checking as it specifies the components and requirements for the system installation and can be used to ensure the correct installation of the equipment.

When provided the PXML will specify the equipment or equipment types which can be connected to the system, which types of network connection can be made, special protection and installation requirements and permitted software. Each time a change is approved to the design the manufacturer will be issued with a new PXML covering the changes. This will be included in future product or sent out to the manufacturer agents selling the equipment. Not all equipment will have a relevant PXML if it was released or updated after 1996.

15.2.2 - Maintenance Contract

If the system is covered by a maintenance contract. It is recommended that a copy be included for reference in the documentation file.




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