Introduction To Line Telecommunications


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14. Installation

  14.1 - Fact Finding 14.5 - Testing
  14.2 - Site Survey 14.6 - Customer Acceptance
  14.3 - Equipment Specification 14.7 - Training
14.4 - Installation

14.7 - Training

When a new system is installed the customer and staff will require training to introduce them to it and use it effectively. Training is an integral part of the sales process and cannot be omitted. If there is no training the staff will unable, and later not want, to use the system, giving rise to complaints and non-acceptance by the staff, who are the most important users.

Training, like installation, is a skilled job and must be conducted by suitably qualified persons. These may be vendor’s staff or specialist training house with the cost included in the system price.

Whoever trains, should appreciate the requirements of the trainees. This may require holding several sessions covering the system functions in increasing complexity, attended by the staff who are required to use the features being explained. Therefore the staff will only be introduced to the facilities they require for their jobs and in groups manageable by the trainer.

When training on this type of equipment the best method is to keep each session to approximately 1 hour in length. When sessions run consecutively they should be separated with a 10 - 15 minute break. This will allow interest and concentration to be maintained.

All staff who will be using the system will require some form of training. This will vary from basic functions such as, making and receiving calls, transferring calls and dialling from central memories to the advanced features. As mentioned above the best way is to hold a series of short sessions beginning with the basic features and moving onto the advanced ones, with the staff selectively invited to the ones relevant to them.

In some cases training is more effective if it is split. Very basic training given at install and more detailed and targeted training a few weeks later when the users have mastered the basics.



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