Introduction To Line Telecommunications


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14. Installation

  14.1 - Fact Finding 14.5 - Testing
  14.2 - Site Survey 14.6 - Customer Acceptance
  14.3 - Equipment Specification 14.7 - Training
14.4 - Installation

14.2 - Site Survey

As part of the fact finding the engineer needs to conduct a site survey. This will allow any problem areas or special requirements to be identified and planned for before the costing and actual installation.

14.2.1 - Customer Premises

The layout of the customer premises should be noted. If copies of layout drawing are available they should be used, otherwise a sketch made showing the features and positioning of the desks and offices. On these drawings the location for the system CCU and position of the extensions should be shown and wiring routes determined, with problem areas highlighted and any special equipment noted.

The diagram must be sufficiently detailed to be used by the installers.

Simple Survey Diagram Example

14.2.2 - Location And Surrounding Area

During the site survey it is important that the immediate area be considered as well as the site itself. Particular attention should be paid to possible sources of interference, both electrical and physical and their location relative to system



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