Introduction To Line Telecommunications


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14. Installation

  14.1 - Fact Finding 14.5 - Testing
  14.2 - Site Survey 14.6 - Customer Acceptance
  14.3 - Equipment Specification 14.7 - Training
14.4 - Installation

14.5 - Testing

Following completion of the installation the system will require testing. The vendor staff should do this. The tests must cover all aspects of the system and its connected equipment with particular attention to the features of special interest to the customer. Mistakes and failures found can be corrected here before the customer discovers them.

14.6 - Customer Acceptance

The sale is completed when the customer accepts and pays for the system.

14.6.1 - Presenting The Problems And Their Solutions

If there are outstanding problems that have not been resolved from the installation or changes have been made to the original agreed specification they must be documented and explained to the customer.

Those variations that are unacceptable will require a plan to be developed with a definite timescale for resolving them. This will require agreement between the vendor and the customer.

14.6.2 - Demonstrate The System Working

In most cases there will be little problem with the installation of the system. As part of the handover process it is courteous to demonstrate the key system features as working to the customer, further building their confidence.

14.6.3 - Formal Acceptance And Signover

The final stage is for the customer to formally accept the system and sign for it as meeting the agreed specification, a copy if which should be attached, and copies kept by the vendor and customer. This will prevent future argument over what was covered if the customer requirements change.



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