Introduction To Line Telecommunications

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18. Protocol Buster


This section lists the protocols and standards which may be encountered and gives each a brief description of each. This is not an exhaustive list.







These standards and recommendations are issued by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T), formerly the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT), which is a specialist agency of the United Nations.

There are four series of protocol and standard references that are commonly encountered in the area of communications covered by this document. These are

I Series Standards referring to ISDN and related topics
Q Series Standards relevant to European ISDN networks
V Series Recommendations covering data transmission over telephone lines
X Series Recommendations covering the interfacing of data transmission and terminal devices

The following list is for reference.

Q Series
Number Areas Covered
Q.931 European ISDN

V Series
Number Areas Covered
V.21 300bps PSTN duplex modems
V.22 1.2Kbps PSTN / leased line duplex modems
V.22 bis 2.4Kbps PSTN / leased line modems
V.23 600bps/1.2Kbps PSTN modems
V.24 DTE and DCE interchange circuits
V.25 bis PSTN automatic calling and answering equipment
V.26 2.4Kbps leased line modems
V.26 bis 2.4/1.2Kbps PSTN half duplex modems
V.26 ter 2.4/1.2Kbps PSTN full duplex modems
V.27 4.8Kbps leased line modems
V.27 bis 4.8/2.4Kbps leased line modems
V.27 ter 4.8/2.4Kbps PSTN modems
V.29 9.6Kbps leased line modems
V.32 9.6Kbps PSTN / leased line modems
V.32 bis 14.4Kbps PSTN / leased line modems
V.34 28.8Kbps PSTN / leased line modems
V.42 Error control procedures
V.42 bis Data compression for error control (V.42)




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