Introduction To Line Telecommunications


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9. Simple Telephone Devices
  9. - Simple Telephone Devices 9.4 - Modems
  9.1 - Telephone Answering Machines 9.5 - Voicemail Systems
  9.2 - Cordless Telephones 9.6 - Specialist Devices
9.3 - Facsimile Machines

9.6 - Specialist Devices

In addition to the simple telephone devices covered previously there are also other less common devices which are specialised to perform a particular function, yet still connect and behave as a simple telephone device.

Some more common examples are:

Alarm Autodiallers These monitor the status of an alarm system, and when triggered or at a pre-set time will dial a pre-set number and deliver a report or message on the status of the system being monitored.
Fixed Dial Telephones These simple telephones have a pre-programmed memory or memories, which are dialled when the user picks up the ‘phone and/or presses a button. These stored numbers are the only destinations that can be called, as there is normally no separate dialling pad. Uses include emergency telephones and those to free call a specific service such as a taxi company.



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Introduction To Line Telecommunications
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