Warm Tile Heat Mat 4.1 Sqm 200W/m² (Discontinued)

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Warm Tile Heat Mat 4.1 Sqm 200W/m²5060002015667EHM-H81

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Heating Elements - 10 year warranty subject to installation and registration

Controls carry a 1 year manufacturers warranty’
Tile Warming Mat System - 200W/m²
The B N Thermic Tile Warming Mat system - High Density
has been specifically developed to provide heat
under tiles to eliminate the uncomfortable feel of
ceramic and terracotta tiles.

Approximate Area Covered: 4.1 (m²)
Mat Size: 8.1 x 0.5(m)
Output: 0.81 kW
  • Application
    EHM heater mats are used under ceramic or stone floors. They consist of a small diameter heating cable attached to a nylon web, which can be fitted into the tile adhesive.
  • In poorly insulated properties supplementary heating may be required.
  • For peace of mind in rooms with exceptionally high heat loss, such as conservatories, select from our High Density (200 watts per square metre) range.
  • Features
    4mm cable diameter minimises increase in floor height
  • Pre-assembly on to nylon web ensures even heat distribution and keeps installation time to a minimum
  • The nylon web can be cut to suit the shape of the area
  • 3m long cold lead
  • Programmable thermostat with both room and floor sensor (must be ordered separately)
  • Selection
    Calculate the area of floor to be heated. This will be the total floor area minus the area occupied by fixtures such as cupboards, sinks, baths etc. Refer to the schedule of EHM mats to find the mat with a square area slightly lower than your calculated figure. This is likely to be the mat for you.
  • For larger areas a combination of mats will be required.
  • To double-check your selection, draw a sketch of the free area. Leaving a space of 30mm between mat runs and 80mm between the mats and the wall, draw the mat runs onto your sketch. You can cut the nylon web at any point along its length but you cannot alter its width.
  • If you are unsure whether there is quite enough space to install a particular EHM mat you should consider using a slightly smaller mat.
  • Remember although you can cut the web at any point you must not cut the heating cable.
  • The G16C thermostat monitors both air and floor temperatures.
  • The alternative F16C thermostat monitors floor temperature only and is usually selected when the controller is to be located outside the heated space.
  • The most common application for the F16C thermostat is when heating a bathroom floor. The F16C thermostat is usually mounted on the wall immediately outside the bathroom with the floor probe running through the wall and under the floor tiles.
  • Insulation
    To prevent downward heat loss, we recommend that EHM mats are installed onto F-Board insulation. F-Board is low-profile insulated tile backer board.


EHC Datasheet 739kb pdf Installation - 280kb pdf
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Warm Tile Heat Mat 4.1 Sqm 200W/m²