4 inch Inline Extractor Fan + Timer - Manrose CFD200T5020953553328CFD200TN

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Power Consumption
Max 17 watts

Capable of a maximum ducting distance of 10 metres.

We would suggest: Place the extractor fan as close to the centre of the ducting as possible to ensure a high pressure throughout.
4 inch Inline Fan + Timer - Manrose CFD200T
Suitable for a wide range of domestic & commercial applications

A spring operated Non return flap built in to the
discharge spigot to prevent Back Draughts
  • 100mm In-line centrifugal fan with a high extract capacity. Extracts 110M³/Hr - 31 litres per second,
  • Ideal for installation where only a 100mm ducting can be installed
  • Manufactured using High Impact ABS Thermoplastic for strength and durability
  • Supplied with Bracket
  • Timer Model - timer inside fan, fan operates from light switch, fan continues to run for preset time after switching off - adjustable 1-20 minutes.
  • Requires three wires: permanent phase, switched phase, neutral
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