16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Inspection and Testing
  8.1 - Introduction 8.5 - Insulation tests
  8.2 - Inspection 8.6 - Earth testing
  8.3 - Testing sequence 8.7 - Test instrument requirements
8.4 - Continuity tests 8.8 - Supporting paperwork

8.8.2 - Electrical installation certificate

Following completion of inspection and testing, an electrical installation certificate, together with particulars of the electrical installation and a schedule of test results, must be provided to the person who ordered the work. It must be signed three times (by the designer, the installer and the inspector/tester) to certify that the installation has been designed, constructed, inspected and tested in accordance with BS 7671 (BS 7671 the 16th Edition of the lEE Wiring Regulations).

but a single-signature version of the certificate may be used where design, construction, inspection and testing are all the work of the same person.

The form of the certificate giving particulars of the electrical installation and of completion and inspection is given as {Table 8.9}. In some cases, where there are good reasons and where a qualified electrical engineer has given his approval, the installation may not comply fully with the Regulations. In such a case, full details of the departures must be stated on the completion and inspection certificate as indicated in {Table 8.9}, although this table may be expanded and redesigned as necessary to cover the particular installation under test.  A full schedule of test results must be appended to the Electrical Installation Certificate and the Periodic Inspection Report. The complete certificate must be handed (or sent) to the person ordering the work, together with a copy to be given to the user of the installation where different. The installer, designer and tester should also keep copies for their records. The recommended intervals between periodic inspections and tests should be as indicated in {Table 8.4}.


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