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Select between G16C and F16C programmable thermostats (must be ordered separately).
EHC-110 – Underfloor Heating Cable
Kit Output (1100W)
Area to Heat 7.6 – 8.5 Sq Mtr
Cable Length 115(m)
Typical Cable spacing 72(mm)
EHC heating cable are designed to heat stone or ceramic floors
especially suitable for floors in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, living rooms, nurseries, etc

Plus the biggest selling feature for the new EHC kits is the size of the cable
Being only 4mm
  • Application
    EHC heating cables are designed to heat stone or ceramic floors. They can be installed in a screed or directly into the tile adhesive.
  • The cables are ideally suited to irregular shaped areas.
  • In poorly insulated properties supplementary heating may be required.
  • Features
    An EHC heating cables are supplied with high adhesive tape to hold the cable to the sub-floor.
  • The 4mm diameter cable keeps the increase in floor height to a minimum.
  • 3m cold lead.
  • As the cable is not fixed to a web it is easy to cope with irregular features such as bay windows and kitchen islands
  • Selection
    Firstly calculate the area of floor to be heated. This will be the total floor area minus the area occupied by fixtures such as cupboards, sinks, baths etc.
  • You will see that each EHC heating cables has a stated minimum and maximum floor surface area. The answer to your calculation will fall between the minimum and maximum areas of one of the heating cables - this is the cable for you.
  • U16C 7 Day Programmable Thermostat (must be ordered separately). Has both air and floor sensors. .
  • Insulation
    To prevent downward heat loss, we recommend that EHC cables are installed onto F-Board insulation. F-Board is a low-profile insulated tile backer board.


EHC Datasheet 739kb pdf EHC Instructions 739kb pdf
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Warm Tile Kit 1100w 7.6 - 8.5 Sq Mtr