10.0mm² 6943X 3 core SWA Steel Armoured Cable0CABLE 6943XLH 10.0MM 7/1.35 BLACK

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Nominal O.D - 18.9mm

Core Colour Changes
Brown is old Red (Live)
Black is old Yellow
Grey is old Blue

Single phase wiring
Grey core is Sleeved or Taped with Blue for Neutral

Yellow core is Sleeved or Taped with Green/Yellow for Earth

The above cores must be identifiable
SWA Armoured Cable

10.0mm² 6943X 3 core
Cutting: All branches have SWA cutting machines
We can supply long lengths
Branches stock lengths up to 1,000 mtrs in some sizes.
  • Application: Designed for use in mains supply electricity. These cables are provided with mechanical protection are therefore suitable for external use and direct burial.
  • Current Rating: 73 Amps
  • The Max current rating above is for XLPE insulated cables ( TLC standard cable ) and not for just Pvc insulated SWA
  • Conductor: Stranded or Solid Plain Annealed Copper.
  • Insulation: XLPE - Thermosetting Pvc Insulation.
  • Bedding: Extruded PVC.
  • Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire Armour.
  • Sheath: PVC Black


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SW 10/3

10.0mm² 6943X 3 core SWA Steel Armoured Cable