16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Special Installations
  --1. - Introduction --2. - Bath tubs and shower basins
  --3. - Swimming pools --4. - Sauna rooms
  --5. - Installations on construction sites --6. - Agricultural & horticultural
--7. - Restrictive conductive locations --8. - Earthing for function & protection
--9. - Caravan, motor homes, caravan parks 10. - Highway power & street furniture
11. - Heating appliances & installations 12. - Discharge lighting
13. - Underground & overhead wiring 14. - Outdoor installations & garden buildings
15. - Installations of machines & transformers 16. - Reduced voltage systems
17. - Marinas 18. - Medical locations
19. - Exhibitions, shows and stands

7.4.1 - Introduction

A sauna is a room in which the air is heated to a high temperature, humidity usually being very low, but occasionally increasing when water is deliberately poured over the heater. People using a sauna are usually unclothed and often wet (mainly due to perspiration), the absence of clothing (particularly shoes) removing much of their protection from shock (see{3.4.2}).

Special Regulations for saunas are new in the 16th Edition. As with bathrooms and swimming pools, zones are again classified, but this time they are concerned more with temperature levels than contact with water.

Zone A
The volume within 0.5 m horizontally from the Sauna heater and extending from the floor up to within 0.3 m from the ceiling.

Zone B
The volume covering the whole of the sauna room outside zone A up to 0.5 m above the floor

Zone C
The volume directly above zone B and extending upwards to within 0.3 m from the ceiling.

Zone D
The volume covering the whole floor area of the room and extending down from the ceiling for a distance of 0.3 m, including the space in this volume directly above the sauna heater.

The extents of the four zones are shown in {Fig 7.4}.

Fig 7.4 - Definition of zones for sauna rooms


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by John Whitfield

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