16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Special Installations
  --1. - Introduction --2. - Bath tubs and shower basins
  --3. - Swimming pools --4. - Sauna rooms
  --5. - Installations on construction sites --6. - Agricultural & horticultural
--7. - Restrictive conductive locations --8. - Earthing for function & protection
--9. - Caravan, motor homes, caravan parks 10. - Highway power & street furniture
11. - Heating appliances & installations 12. - Discharge lighting
13. - Underground & overhead wiring 14. - Outdoor installations & garden buildings
15. - Installations of machines & transformers 16. - Reduced voltage systems
17. - Marinas 18. - Medical locations
19. - Exhibitions, shows and stands

7.6.1 - Introduction

Situations of these kinds will pose an increased risk of electric shock because people and animals are more likely to be in better contact with earth than in other installations. Animals are particularly vulnerable, because their body resistance is much lower than for humans, and applied voltage levels which are quite safe for people may well prove fatal for them. If animals are present, the electrical installation may be subjected to mechanical damage (animals cannot be instructed to keep away from installations) as well as to a greater corrosion hazard due to the presence of animal effluents.

The special requirements for agricultural and horticultural installations also apply to locations where livestock are kept, such as stables, chicken houses, piggery's, etc. They also apply to feed processing locations, lofts, and storage places for hay, straw and fertilisers.

For these reasons, special Regulations apply to such installations, both indoors and outdoors. It is important to recognise that dwelling houses on agricultural and horticultural premises used solely for human habitation are excluded from these special requirements.


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Extracted from The Electricians Guide Fifth Edition
by John Whitfield

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