16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Special Installations
  --1. - Introduction --2. - Bath tubs and shower basins
  --3. - Swimming pools --4. - Sauna rooms
  --5. - Installation on construction sites --6. - Agricultural & horticultural
--7. - Restrictive conductive locations --8. - Earthing for function & protection
--9. - Caravan, motor homes, caravan parks 10. - Highway power & street furniture
11. - Heating appliances & installations 12. - Discharge lighting
13. - Underground & overhead wiring 14. - Outdoor installations & garden buildings
15. - Installations of machines & transformers 16. - Reduced voltage systems
17. - Marinas 18. - Medical locations
19. - Exhibitions, shows and stands

7.9.1 - Introduction

A caravan is a leisure accommodation vehicle which reaches its site by being towed by a vehicle. A motor caravan is used for the same purpose, but has an engine which allows it to be driven; the accommodation module on a motor caravan may sometimes be removed from the chassis. Caravans will often contain a bath or a shower, and in these cases the special requirements for such installations (see{7.2}) will apply. Railway rolling stock is not included in the definition as a caravan. Caravans used as mobile workshops will be subject to the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 as well as BS 7671,1992.

     All the dangers associated with fixed electrical installations are also present in and around caravans. Added to these are the problems of moving the caravan, including connection and disconnection to and from the supply, often by totally unskilled people. Earthing is of prime importance because the dangers of shock are greater. For example, the loss of the main protective conductor and a fault to the metalwork in the caravan is likely to go unnoticed until someone makes contact with the caravan whilst standing outside it (Fig {7.10}. The requirements of the Electricity Supply Regulations do not allow the supply neutral to be connected to any metalwork in a caravan, which means that PME supplies must not be used to supply them.

Fig 7.10 - Importance of earthing a caravan


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