16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Special Installations
  --1. - Introduction --2. - Bath tubs and shower basins
  --3. - Swimming pools --4. - Sauna rooms
  --5. - Installations on construction sites --6. - Agricultural & horticultural
--7. - Restrictive conductive locations --8. - Earthing for function & protection
--9. - Caravan, motor homes, caravan parks 10. - Highway power & street furniture
11. - Heating appliances & installations 12. - Discharge lighting
13. - Underground & overhead wiring 14. - Outdoor installations & garden buildings
15. - Installations of machines & transformers 16. - Reduced voltage systems
17. - Marinas 18. - Medical locations
19. - Exhibitions, shows and stands

7.7.1 - Introduction

A restrictive conductive location is one in which the surroundings consist mainly of metallic or conductive parts, with which a person within the location is likely to come into contact with a substantial portion of his body, and where it is very difficult to interrupt such contact. An example could be a large metal enclosure, such as a boiler, in which work must be carried out. Clearly, such a situation could result in considerable danger to a worker, who may be lying inside the boiler whilst using an electric drill or grinder.


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by John Whitfield

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