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EV Domestic Car Charger 7.4kw - Compact

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Height: 187mm.
Width: 122mm.
Depth: 90mm.

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Sync EV
Domestic Car Charger 7.4kw
The in-house technical team at Sync EV have 12 years combined experience of EV charger installation having installed Podpoint, Rolec, Project EV, EO and other chargers. Indeed they became Rolec’s first ever appointed regional installers.

Utilising their years of experience and calling upon their electrical engineering skills, their objective was to design the smallest, smartest most competitively priced EV charger. We believe this quest has been achieved, welcome to the Sync EV Model number: EVCP-7KW-S-1PH:32A

Wifi and Ethernet connection as standard
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Smallest untethered charger in the world.
  • Smart scheduled charging times.
  • Smart tariff integration i.e. Octopus.
  • Simple to use app. or plug and charge option.
  • OLEV compliant thus grant applicable
  • Internal earthing so no groundworks.
  • Household fuse protection.
  • Fully weatherproof.
  • Compatible with all UK sold vehicles
  • Comprehensive technical support network.
  • Coloured halo ring function display.
  • Single RFID card included as standard.
  • Built in solar integration.
  • Over the air updates for future proofing.
  • Fully qualified electricians providing technical support.
  • Unit replacement warranty.
  • Main cover located componentry eases replacement.
  • Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis.
  • Full installation instructions with each unit.
  • Built in O-pen protection.
  • Simple to install.
  • Average installation period under 2 hours.
  • 6 mA DC leakage protection.
  • Dynamic load management – see option below.
  • Built in RCD protection.
  • OCPP 1.6J open charge point protocol.
  • Build and manage multiple charge point projects back office.
  • Billing and accounts back office for commercial situations.
  • Ehternet/WiFi and optional GPS connectivity option.
  • 6A-32A adjustable power output adjustable.
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EV Ultra Cable 3 core + CAT5 Data PVC Tuff-Sheathed

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EV Ultra Cable
3 core + CAT5 Data
PVC Tuff-Sheathed
Manufactured in the UK
This cable is designed for use in the installation of electric vehicle charge points.
The cable
incorporates power conductors and an enhanced Cat 5 screened data cable, encapsulated
in a double sheathed design for extra protection.

Whilst designed for use in electric vehicle
charge points, the cable is also suitable for other installations where power and data is required.

These cables are designed to be installed in air, clipped to surface, on cable tray/ladder work
and embedded in concrete.

The cables can be laid direct in the ground providing that suitable
mechanical protection is in place.
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